Article in Science News

Over the last few months, Mark and I have been working with science writer Susan Milius on an article for Science News magazine about animal contests.

The article takes on the common preconception that animals fight to the death in extreme and gory battle and gives some great examples of the many ways in which animal fights play out in reality. The article, entitled ‘Fighting like an animal doesn’t always mean a duel to the death’, is fantastically written and available to read online here as well as in the print version of the magazine.


ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop Grant Success!

Dr Gareth Arnott (Queen’s University Belfast) and I have just learnt that our application for an ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop Grant has been successful! We are going to use the grant money to run an inter-disciplinary workshop on animal contests entitled ‘Broader perspectives on animal contests’ in which we aim to bring together biologists and economists to discuss the future of contest research. Preparations are underway, so watch this space for more information!